Wings Over Illawarra School & Careers Open Day 2022

Wings Over Illawarra Schools & Careers Open Day

A major aim of Wings Over Illawarra is to inspire younger Australians to consider careers in the aviation industry. Wings Over Illawarra has partnered with the Australian Government Department Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communication and Women in Aviation Careers to present the School & Careers Open Day. The Open Day will provide a unique opportunity for students to access information on aviation career opportunities from a plethora of aviation exhibitors, from commercial and defence aviation, government regulators and industry organisations.

Exhibitors include the Australian Defence Force and defence industry companies, flight training schools, maintenance organisations, universities and TAFE NSW and other accredited training organisations.

Flight training is a major growth market in the Australian General Aviation sector, with most major airport-based flight schools offering courses aimed at progressing students through to commercial standard.  However, other aviation industry training is often overlooked in favour of flying.

Wings Over Illawarra aims to correct this imbalance by showcasing the broadest possible aviation industry education and training opportunities. Whether it’s a future as a pilot, or a career in engineering, manufacturing, airport management, drones, air traffic control, ground services or any other vital aviation career stream.

Wings Over Illawarra is engaging with the NSW Department of Education to invite secondary school, TAFE and university students, particularly those in the critical decision period of Years 9, 10, 11 and 12, to consider attending the School & Careers Open Day as part of their careers advice programs. This will allow them to discover the job opportunities and skills development pathways available as they make crucial tertiary or vocational education choices. By merging a career showcase with an aviation event such as Wings Over Illawarra, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Interact with current industry professionals
  • Discover and explore career opportunities
  • Be informed, challenged and inspired

The aim of the day is to provide a forum for schools, TAFE’s and Universities to give their students exposure to careers in Aviation, through an interactive STEM and Careers program. We encourage students who have a keen interest in Aviation careers or would like to learn more about the career pathways available in Australian Aviation to attend.

The event will have four main focuses:

  1. Defence, showcasing career paths available through the Australian Defence force.
  2. General aviation, which include career paths in flying, engineering, maintenance.
  3. Drone technologies, a growing industry that includes career path in design, programming and application
  4. Simulator experiences, allowing students to experience real aviation events such as flying and air traffic control

The School & Careers Open Day will serve a dual function for students attending, either by planting seeds to inspire career paths or confirming career direction and through access to professionals who can assist to shape their future with both working knowledge and insight.  The aviation industry is very diverse and is growing rapidly.  Job prospects are strong and students undertaking these career paths will benefit as anticipated future growth of the aviation industry comes to fruition.

There is no cost to attend the Wings Over Illawarra School & Careers Open Day.


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