Parents NSW Vouchers


Wings Over Illawarra are thrilled to accept your Parent NSW vouchers. The Parent NSW vouchers can be redeemed when you purchase tickets to the show.

It’s no secret that parents and kids alike are super sick and bored of being stuck at home during all these Covid outbreak periods in NSW.
Now NSW families can splurge on fun activities and experiences with their NSW Parent Vouchers. These $250 vouchers are gifts from the gov to be spent on fun stuff for NSW parents who’ve been homeschooling kids during lockdown. Eligible NSW residents with a child aged 4 to 18 years who was school-enrolled in 2021 can apply for 5 x $50 voucher. NSW parent vouchers will be available from February to October 2022.

See below for information on who is eligible, and how to apply, recieve, & use your vouchers with Wings Over Illawarra.

What are NSW Parent Vouchers?

NSW parent vouchers are 5 x $50 vouchers released on 7th Feb 2022 for reward families for supporting learning from home during 2021’s lockdowns.

Who can apply for the NSW Parent vouchers?

You may be eligible to receive the NSW Parent vouchers if you are:
  • were the Caregiver of a school-aged and school-enrolled child during 2021.
  • 18 years or older
  • a resident of New South Wales
  • hold a valid Medicare card

What can I purchase with my voucher?

You can use your Discover voucher/s to purchase tickets! Have a look at the table below to get an idea of how you could use your voucher/s


When can you apply for the NSW Parent vouchers?

You can apply for and use the vouchers anytime from 7 February until 9 October 2022.

How can I apply for the $250 NSW Parent Vouchers?

1. Verify Identify with (verification will be automatic if ServiceNSW already has access to these documents)
  • Australian License
  • Healthcare Card
  • Australian Passport
2. Check/ Reconfirm MyserviceNSW Account Details – D.O.B and Email. Then enter your Australian mobile number and residential address
3. Fill out Medicare details, parent info and eligible child info
4. Confirm that the child’s residential address is the same as the parents
5. Pick the child’s educational institution from drop-down menu
6. Confirm info and press submit. Viola, you’re done!

How do you use the NSW Parent vouchers with Wings Over Illawarra?

Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll find the five $50 NSW Parent vouchers under the ‘Vouchers’ section of the Service NSW app within an hour if you’re successful! You’ll also receive an email from Service NSW with the vouchers available to download and print.
  1. Select the ticket type & quantity you wish to purchase & add them to your cart. Remember to check the date of the ticket you are purchasing.
  2. Proceed to check-out and input your customer details & other details as prompted. Click “next”
  3. Select your ticket delivery method. Click “next”
  4. You are now in the payment section. Click on “Want to redeem a Voucher?” and add your Parent NSW voucher/s number in the box provided and click “apply”. Once the voucher is accepted, the voucher/s amount will be removed from your order summary. Complete the remainder of your payment details and click “complete order”
  5. Once payment is accepted and processed you will be sent a booking confirmation of your order to the email selected.
  6. That’s it, you’ve redeemed your voucher! See you at the show!