February 21, 2019

Organisers of Australia’s largest annual airshow, Wings over Illawarra, are excited to announce that trailblazing pilot academy, Soar Aviation, have come on board as an industry partner for the 2019 event.

Founded in 2012 by the then 22-year-old entrepreneur Neel Khokhani, Soar Aviation is one of the fastest growing companies in Australia and has seen 600% growth over the past year.  Neel lost his job as a flying instructor for suggesting some possible improvements to the business he worked for, so he set out to put his suggestions to the test and as a result has created the largest flying school in Australia.

Soar’s exponential growth has been supported by a strategic partnership with the award-winning Box Hill Institute.  Through this alliance Soar is able to offer a part-time Diploma of Aviation course over two years, where theory lessons are held in the evening on weekdays and the practical aspect on weekends.  This formula has been so successful that they now have over 500 students in training and a fleet of over 60 aircraft. In other words, it is a solution to make it more accessible for people to ‘get their wings’

Khokhani is thrilled that Soar Aviation are partnering with Wings over Illawarra as he sees the event as one that inspires potential pilots to take to the skies:

“We set out to support the NSW market and replicate the success of our Victorian flying bases by establishing a flight school at Bankstown Airport.  In a short time, just 12-months, we are already the largest flight training provider in NSW and have over 200 students studying for their Commercial Pilot Licence”, said Khokhani.

Wings over Illawarra organiser Mark Bright said: “With the surge in demand for pilots globally it’s important that businesses in Australia such as Soar Aviation exist to feed that demand and we here at Wings over Illawarra are delighted that the largest flying school in Australia have chosen our event to promote it’s capabilities.  Many of the people who come to the airshow each year dream of a career in flight and leave the event feeling inspired to take lessons so this partnership will hopefully make it easier for our future pilots to realise their dreams”

The air show takes place on May 4th & 5th at the Illawarra Regional Airport, Albion Park Rail, NSW.  Tickets are available at the gate, or online by visiting