New for 2021! Wings Over Illawarra has partnered with The Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS), to present the inaugural “NSW Drone Expo”.

The NSW Drone Expo will be an annual showcase of the latest and greatest in drone technology along with some amazing flying demonstrations by the ADF army and navy drone racing teams in a special drone cage and will be a very welcome feature at Wings Over Illawarra.

The drone expo will be held in  20m x 20m marquee featuring shell scheme booths for exhibitors to showcase their products and engage with airshow attendees

The Australian Defence Force drone racing teams will be conducting drone racing demonstrations across the weekend, a display definitely worth seeing!

This exciting and dynamic technology has evolved beyond its military origins to provide powerful business tools and has seen rapid expansion over the past few years. Along with their increasing military capabilities and the leap into the recreational consumer market, the use of UAVs is continually increasing in sectors like agriculture, mining, construction, firefighting,  exploration of resources and surveying.


The NSW Drone Expo will showcase UAV manufacturers, retailers, flying schools and service providers along with professional advice from government regulators and industry experts including business users, commercial drone pilots, photographers and film crews to list but a few.

On display will be UAVs of all types including Australian Defence Force military drones, commercial and recreational.