Wings Over Illawarra is an action packed day full of aeroplanes, jets and helicopters from all corners of aviation. So why not get in the air yourself to experience Wings Over Illawarra from above? Touchdown Helicopters will have its fleet of helicopters available to take you flying over the airfield and then onto the coast. In fact, once on board one of our helicopters, you will get two thrills in one; You will experience the unique sensation of take-off and landing in a helicopter as well as the amazing views from a 1000ft: a birds eye view of the crowds and the aeroplanes all gathered together for this exciting annual event, as well as spectacular, panoramic views of the Illawarra from the mountains to the coast.

The Wollongong area is lucky enough to have some of the most beautiful, golden suntanned beaches in Australia. From your seat in your helicopter you can look up and down the coast to see miles and miles of beautiful, sandy beaches. Looking to the south you will see Minnamurra Beach, Kiama Lighthouse and even Seven Mile Beach in the distance. Soon, you are flying over Killelea State Park, where the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean curl up as they arrive at the local surfing Mecca of Farm beach. As your helicopter follows the coastline, you will be able to look down upon the engineering marvel of Shell Cove, where the ocean has been brought inland to lap at the moorings of residents houses within the newly developed marina. Looking to the north, you will be able to make out Windang Island at the lake entrance, Hill 60, Wollongong Lighthouse and the distant coastline of Bald Hill and the Royal National Park.

As we begin to make our way back to Wings Over Illawarra, the views change from ocean and sand to the awesome expanse of Lake Illawarra and then the mountains and valleys of the Illawarra Escarpment. In the foothills of the great dividing range are some of the most beautiful, lush, green rolling foothills that can be seen anywhere in Australia. Reminiscent of the English countryside, from Marshall Mount and Calderwood through to the evergreen Jamberoo Valley, you’ll develop a greater appreciation for this beautiful part of Australia.

Then finally, as you descend back down to Wings Over Illawarra, hastily absorbing those last few moments of this awesome experience, the skids on the helicopter gently make contact with the ground and you’ll want to do it all over again.

Duration: 8 minutes of bliss

Cost: $80 per person (*seat price, no family or group discounts)

Please note: Touchdown Helicopters do not take pre-bookings for joyflights. Please present yourself to the check in desk at the event.