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General Info

General Info


  • No alcoholic beverages can be brought onto the event site.


  • No animals are permitted on the event site eg. Dogs.


  • Automatic Teller Machines will be available at the event. Locations will be marked on the site map and in the program available on the day.


  • No bicycles will be permitted on the event site.

Cameras and Videos

  • Cameras and videos are encouraged.

Car Parking

  • There will be designated parking areas at the airport for Gold Pass holders only during the airshow.
  • Offsite parking will be available for General Admission patrons a short distance away from the airport. A FREE shuttle bus service will operate to and from the main entrance gate throughout each day of the airshow.


  • Limited seating will be provided for general admission attendees to view the airshow. Visitors are permitted and encouraged to bring chairs with them.
  • Reserve seating is provided for all Gold Pass holders.


  • Ticket concessions are available for general admission Pension Card holders only. The Pension Card must ​be shown at the gate upon entry to the event.

Companion Card

  • Companion Card holders are eligible for a free general admission ticket (ie. excludes Gold Pass tickets) when a ticket for their companion has been purchased. The free ticket can only be obtained at the Customer Service window of the ticket office at the main entry gate to the airshow. The purchased ticket and the Companion Card must be shown to receive the free ticket. 


  • Visitors to the event should be aware that the event is not held on a purpose built site and may pose some challenges for the very young, the elderly and those with mobility issues. Every effort has been made to make the site as accessible as possible however visitors should note there are uneven surfaces through many areas.
  • Disabled amenities are available.
  • Car parking for accredited state disabled permit pass holders ONLY will be available adjacent to the north entrance gate. Entry is via Airport Road.
  • Event specific disabled car passes are not required.
  • Disabled patrons DO NOT receive a discount on general admission or Gold Pass tickets.
  • Companion Card holders receive their ticket free (excludes Gold Pass tickets).


  • Dogs are not permitted on the event site.

First Aid

  • A first aid facility will be located at the event and its location will be marked on the site map and in the program available on the day.

Food Outlets

  • A variety of food stalls will be available throughout the event site.

Golf Buggies

  • There will be no golf buggies available at the airshow for hire. Patrons are not permitted to bring their own.


  • Gates open 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. (No patrons will be admitted prior to 9:00 am.)
  • Air display times: 10:30 am - 4:30 pm Saturday & Sunday

Joy Flights

  • Helicopter joy flights will be available during the airshow. For more information contact Touchdown Helicopters.


  • Lockers will not be available at the event.


  • Official Wings Over Illawarra merchandise will be available at the event.

Mobile Phones

  • Mobile phones are permitted on site, however, due to network congestion, reception may not always be available.

Pass Outs

  • Pass outs will be available at the Main and Gold Pass entry gates. Persons leaving the event who do not obtain a pass out, will not be able to re-enter the event on the same ticket.

Pension Card Holders

  • Concession rates will be available to Pension Card holders when buying tickets online or at the main entrance gate. The Pension Card must ​be shown at the gate upon entry to the event.


  • Pets are not permitted on the event site.


  • NO refunds will be available unless the event is cancelled.

Scooters and Skateboards

  • Scooters and Skateboards are not permitted at the event.

Seniors Card Holders

  • A Seniors Card does not qualify as a concession for the event.
  • Concession tickets are ONLY available to Pension Card holders.

Shuttle Bus

  • A free shuttle bus will be available throughout the airshow days running between the offsite car park and the main entrance gate.


  • NO student concessions are available for the event.
  • Under 5 years – free.
  • 5 years to 16 years – Child.
  • Over 16 years – Adult.


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